Allium Globemaster AGM

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Spectacular introduction, bearing giant aster-violet flowers on strong stems in summer. As a bonus, the flowers are strongly scented of honey & adored by bees. We have been growing this variety for many years now and find it to be vigorous and reliable, reflowering and building up well year-on-year. A sterile hybrid, so the flowers are long-lasting, with no energy spent on seed setting.Ht. 4’ (120cm). Top sized bulbs of these sterile varieties do not come cheap but do give the most impressive results.

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Bulb size 24+ cm  

* Same Prices as 2020 *

Pack of 3 bulbs for £18.00

Pack of 10 bulbs for £49.50


Available to order from 1st July 2015
Allium Globemaster AGM
Allium Globemaster AGMAllium Globemaster AGM

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