Coronavirus Delivery Update

We are currently packing and despatching orders placed in the first week of February.  Orders over 2Kg (approximately 5 packs of dahlias) are being delivered via our couriers and there is no disruption to UK service at present.  There may be a 24 hour delay for packages being sent overseas, due to increased border checks. Smaller orders (under 2Kg) are normally sent via Royal Mail, but with the current restrictions on movement, taking these packages to the local Post Office may be difficult.  We are therefore hoping to arrange colletion from our premises by Royal Mail, and will expect to have this resolved in the next few days. 

With the weather forecast to continue cold over the UK until the end of March, we would caution against starting your tubers off too early once you receive them. Tubers will grow more readily and without check if you wait until temperatures are warmer. Bear in mind that tubers started with artificial heat will not be able to go outdoors until all risk of frost has passed - which for many areas will nto be before the middle of May at best. Plants grown under cover for too long can become drawn and have weak stems, due to less than perfect light conditions and lack of air movement. Unless we are forcing tubers early to take cuttings, most of our own plants (we grow several thousand each year) are started from mid-April onwards - depnding on the weather. Even in April/May night time temperatures can be cool, so avoid watering late in the day and be ready to cover your plants with fleece if frost is threatened.