Dahlia 'Penhill Dark Monarch' AGM

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Lovers of giant dahlias adore 'Emory Paul' (often because they have seen it growing en-masse at Great Dixter). It's a terrific variety once it gets going but that can be very late in the season. So we had been on the lookout for a similar giant which would flower earlier. Well, we actually have two. Both have the 'Penhill' prefix (the other is "Penhill Watermelon) but this is closest in colour to 'Emory Paul. Both have the latter's slightly untidy form but giants aren't meant to be pretty - just really impressive. 

Flower size 8-10" (20-25cm)

Height 5' (150cm) plus

Pack of 3 tubers for £7.50

Pack of 1 tuber £4.00


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Dahlia 'Penhill Dark Monarch'
Dahlia 'Penhill Dark Monarch'Dahlia 'Penhill Dark Monarch'

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