Dahlia 'Peaches'

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Great for cutting
Great for cutting

Achingly pretty variety, with petals which fade out from a glowing heart of orange to palest peach. Neat in form and marking. This is one which flies off the nursery when we have plants available. Note that this variety should not be confused with the very different 'Peaches & Cream'. For some reason, American growers seem to use the latter name when what they are actually growing is often 'Peaches'!

Flower size 4.5" (11cm)

Height 36" (90cm)

Pack of 3 tubers for £15.00

Pack of one tuber for £7.50


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Dahlia 'Peaches'
Dahlia 'Peaches'Dahlia 'Peaches'Dahlia 'Peaches'

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