Dahlia 'Laughing Lizza' (Laughing Lizzy)

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New in 2023

This new variety made a surprise appearance on the dahlia trials at Wisley a couple of years ago, when it was submitted in error for a different dahlia. It proved to be a serendipitous mistake as the 'impostor' immediately found favour with the judging panel. Subsequently during our own travels to the Dutch trial fields, we managed to identify it as 'Laughing Lizza'. Well, here she is - a really garden-worthy dahlia of lovely blackcurrant/lilac colour blends and a charmingly informal habit, with a long enough stem to cut nicely too. Looks like Lizza had the last laugh.

Flower size 3" (8cm)

Height 3' (90cm)

Pack of 3 tubers for £12.50

Pack of one tuber for £6.00


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Dahlia 'Laughing Lizza'
Dahlia 'Laughing Lizza'Dahlia 'Laughing Lizza' (Laughing Lizzy)

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