Dahlia 'Dreamy™ Sunset'

from £6.50

UK delivery available from £5.95

Great for Containers
Great for Containers

Organically grown

New  & Exclusive for 2024

A new addition to this series which has produced varieties which are perfect candidates for container and front of border planting. The open-centred flowers have a double row of petals, ensuring that blooms last longer on the plant, set against near-black foliage. The flowers of 'Sunset' are of glowing blood-orange with yellow centres. Dahlias from this series are not usually available as tubers, being sold only as growing plants. 

Organically grown tubers.

Flower size 3" (8cm)

Height 14" (36cm)

Pack of one tuber for £6.50

Pack of 3 tubers for £12.50


Available to order from 1st Jan 2014
Dahlia 'Dreamy™ Sunset'

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