Dahlia 'Bright Eyes'

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Organically grown

There are some wishy-washy coloured single dahlias around (though not in our range!), so we were delighted with the sheer vibrancy of this introduction. We submitted it for trial at Wisley a few years ago, where it gained much attention. Makes a vigorous, bushy plant, covered in blooms which are enhanced by the dusky foliage.

NOTE These tubers are produced organically and are hand harvested.

Flower size 3" (7cm)

Height 24" (60cm)

Pack of 3 tubers for £8.00

Pack of 1 tuber £5.00


Available to order from 1st Jan 2014
Dahlia 'Bright Eyes'
Dahlia 'Bright Eyes'Dahlia 'Bright Eyes'

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