Dahlia 'Mexican Star' (was Cosmos x dahlia 'Mexican Black')

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Organically grown

An interesting hybrid, supposedly between chocolate cosmos and dahlia, this variety makes a bushy plant, with an elegant arching habit. It sports chocolate scented (and coloured!) single flowers. These tubers are produced using organic methods and are hand harvested.

Flower size 2.5" (6cm)

Height 30 " (75 cm)

Pack of 3 tubers for £8.50

Pack of 1 tuber £5.00

* Note that the registered name of this variety is now 'Mexican Star'. Apparently, the colour of the flowers was not deemed black enough to warrant the former name! Our stock has always produced plants with flowers the colour of dark chocolate but we understand that in poor soil /light conditions, the flowers may lose this intensity of colour.


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Cosmos x dahlia 'Mexican Black'

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