Ornithogalum magnum Moskou


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We are offered new varieties of ornithogalum each year but they seem to differ little from o. magnum, which was in our collection for many years and remains in our own borders. This is actually good news, as that is an excellent variety, which appears to have temporarily disappeared from the scene (they say due to virus but we have never seen any in ours). They all carry tiers of starry white flowers, on strong stems, and are wonderfully reliable in most decent, well-drained soils in either sun or a little shade. The usual flowering time is late May into June. Ht. around 2' (60cm).  

Bulb size 13/15 cm

Pack of 5 bulbs for £6.50 


Available to order from 1st July 2015
Ornithogalum magnum Moskou

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