Dahlia 'Sunshine' (Moonfire)


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New in 2017

This is our replacement for 'Moonfire', the very popular variety which had been part of our collection for many years but which is no longer being grown as tubers in commercially viable quantities.

We trialled a few 'Sunshine' a couple of years ago and have to confess that the differences from 'Moonfire' are only slight (the RHS doesn't recognise any difference!). The flowers open slightly darker but fade to the pale straw yellow of 'Moonfire' after a couple of days and the central ring of flame is a little broader on 'Sunshine'. Otherwise, both varieties have the same dark leaves, height and vigour. Certainly, visitors to the nursery thought that 'Sunshine' was 'Moonfire', so we guess it's a case of 'long live 'Sunshine'.

Flower size 2.5" (6cm)

Height 28'"(70cm)

Pack of 3 tubers £6.50

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Dahlia 'Sunshine'

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