Dahlia 'Strawberry Ice'


UK delivery available from £4.95

NEW FOR 2018

We have had this variety on the nursery for some time, under its sometime name 'Kidd's Climax'. It was renamed for the American market and is now more widely known as 'Strawberry Ice'. The newer name actually describes the flowers rather well, since they are cream with a hint of pink and, sometimes, yellow. In hot weather the pink can manifest itself more strongly. These are large flowers but hold themselves well on long, strong stems, making them good for cutting.

Flower size 8" (20cm)

Height 39" (100cm)

Pack of 3 tubers for £7.50

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Available to order from 1st Jan 2014
Dahlia Strawberry Ice
Dahlia Strawberry IceDahlia Strawberry Ice

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