Dahlia 'Marston George' ('George Marston')


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Great for cutting
Great for cutting

New for 2022

Sultry dark flowers are burgundy with a hint of violet. We have adored this variety for years and are thrilled to add it to our collection for this year. Use it as a dramatically dark note in the border, cut it for the vase or for the showbench, where it is a consistent winner.

Flower size 3.5" (9cm)

Height  48" (120cm)

Pack of 3 tubers for £9.50


Dahlia 'Marston George' ('George Marston')
Dahlia 'Marston George' ('George Marston')Dahlia 'Marston George' ('George Marston')Dahlia 'Marston George' ('George Marston')

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