Tulipa 'Ice Cream'

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This variety has been around for a while now but failed to impress when we trialled it as a new introduction some years ago. Flowering then was unreliable and the bulbs horrendously expensive. Well, the cost is now affordable and, more importantly, we are seeing reliable and consistent flowering . This form of double tulip, where the outer petals clasp the inner ones tightly, like an ice cream cone, are starting to appear more often now but they are still something of a novelty, albeit an attractive one.

Season - mid, Height - short

Bulb size 11/12 cm

Pack of 5 bulbs for £7.00

Pack of 15 bulbs for £18.50

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Available to order from 1st July 2015
Tulipa 'Ice Cream'
Tulipa 'Ice Cream'Tulipa 'Ice Cream'Tulipa 'Ice Cream'

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